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How to style your Millo

How to style your Millo

We chatted with stylist, Georgette Pollock-Johnston for her top styling tips to get a Millo set up in your space.

 What are some tips for adding a Millo to your lounge, living or family room?

Opt for one larger Millo (The Millo Duo - comfortably seats two adults) - and accessorise with smaller pops of colour by way of cushions, throws or design pieces throughout the space. Darker coloured Millo are great for movie and games rooms. Because Millo covers are easily machine washable so are great for families too!
Millo are made from a premium foam offcut so they are more structured than your traditional beanbag. This stops them from looking sloppy in your living room and can easily be puffed up after being used.

How would you style a Millo in your bedroom?

I would pick a lighter hue such as the boucle or grey to create a calming and restful feel to your sleep space. Or if neutrals aren't your thing, add a pop of colour to you room to create a stylish and edgy feel.

I like to make sure I don't work on my laptop while in bed - beds are for resting. A Millo in your bedroom is the perfect addition to relax and work on or just read your favourite book.

How do you mix and match Millo with existing pieces?

Millo is a versatile piece in it's ability for the cover to be changed out to move with your design and decor tastes or seasonal style changes.

How do you accessorise with cushions/throws & does this change year round?

Add in throws - sheepskin, textured or bold colours - this is perfect for winter styling as you can cuddle up in your Millo.

Winter is a great time to add a pop of colour into your home. If a brightly coloured Millo is a stretch for your décor - opt for a Millo cushion or footstool, or use a Millo Pebble as an ottoman

What's trending in the décor and design space this season?

Boucle is a trending fabric and you'll begin to see it making its way into homes due to it's gorgeous hues and fabulous texture!

What are some tips to playing with textures?

Use a mix of textures - fur, mohair and textures all play nicely with velvet and boucle. I'm all for more is more, but if that's not your thing you can nudge it back by picking one or two hero pieces, fabrics or textures.
How do you incorporate a Millo into your place if you're short on space?

Use a Millo or two instead of a couch - they're easy to move around to find the best spot and are perfect for entertaining. The Millo Pebble also doubles as an ottoman or footrest so they're extremely versatile.

Do you have some tips for adding Millo cushions into your existing décor?
Adding some Millo cushions to your couch or chairs can help tie in your Millo to a room as the similar hues and textures bring a cohesive feel to the space.