Millo FAQs

Where are Millos made?

All Millo products are designed and made in New Zealand using skilled local craftspeople and luxury materials. 

Although manufacturing in New Zealand incurs a price premium it allows Millo to oversee quality, materials and workmanship. The end result? Superior quality products that outlast many mass-produced alternatives and give our customers and their loved ones many years of enjoyment.

What's inside my Millo?

Our blend of premium foam that fills your Millo has a warranty of 3 years. Regular maintenance of your Millo must be adhered to for your foam to be kept to its peak fluffing capacity. We recommend rolling and massaging / kneading your Millo regularly to keep the foam from being compacted for too long. Foam that has been compacted for too long can result in each individual piece losing its ability to 'spring back' and fill with air. The ability of the foam to spring back contributes to the overall bounce and comfort of your Millo.

Why foam?
There’s a reason why foam is commonly used in bedding, furniture and seating - foam is comfortable and supportive. Foam won’t lose its shape and better still, foam can be re-used at the end of its life, meaning it doesn’t end up in landfill.

How is Millo different?
At Millo, we’re foam fanatics, we are all about more foam filled fun for more foam filled relaxation. We believe in loveable, changeable, adaptable lounging that moves with your life and fits in with your style of relaxation. We love this foam so much we’ll take it back when you're done with it. It’s a little something we call conscious comfort.

Can I wash my cover?

Yes! The cover of your Millo can be washed. Click here for care instructions.

How will my Millo be delivered?

Your Millo will be delivered in a box with the foam chip filling and cover inside. Please note that you will need to remove from the box, allow the foam to expand and then pop the cover on.

How do I set up my Millo?

Remove your Millo from its box, unroll and give it a good shake to separate the foam chips, kneading, massaging and rolling may be required to help to break up some of the foam clusters. Click here to see.

Can my Millo go outside?

We recommend only using your Millo indoors to ensure that no moisture is absorbed into the foam chips. We will have a range of special outdoor covers coming in time for summer.

What colours are available in the range

The different sizes of our Millos have different colours available;

Duo (our largest size)

  • Black
  • Navy
  • Grey


  • Black
  • Navy
  • Grey
  • Copper
  • Army
  • Quilted Black
  • Quilted Navy
  • Quilted Grey
  • Quilted Copper
  • Bouclé


  • Grey
  • Navy
  • Army
  • Pink
  • Bouclé 

Our Millo Colour Library has swatches of each colour available. Please note that colours may vary by screen.

What sizes are available in the range?

There are currently three sizes available in the range; duo, solo and pebble (perfect for kids or as an ottoman).

Are there accessories available?

Yes! We currently stock quilted cushions in black, grey, navy and copper, plus a boucle cushion and a footstool in black, grey, navy, copper and boucle ivory.

How do I maintain my Millo?

We recommend regular maintenance of your Millo for your foam to be kept to its peak fluffing capacity. To stop your pod from being compacted too long, rolling, massaging and kneading your Millo should be done regularly.

What is the warranty on my Millo?
Millos come with a 5 year warranty on the foam core and a 3 year warranty on the cover.