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The most comfortable seat in your home.

Meet Millo, lovable loungers for laidback lifestyles.

Tired of trading style for comfort? Our luxury foam-filled loungers offer the perfect pairing of plush padding and polished design. Whether you’re looking for a modern masterpiece or a timeless classic, indoors and out - with Millo you'll find the ideal combination to rest and unwind. 

Our range can be tailored to suit your needs, with fabrics and colours to complement all interiors. Whether you’re shopping for the living room, kids room or patio, there’s a Millo for you. Browse our flagship Millo Solo loungers or the supersized Millo Duo, perfect for snuggling. We also offer outdoor covers for those sunny Sunday mornings and the Millo Pebble ottoman for putting your feet up. 

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We LOVE our Millo Solo Deluxe. We opted for the Ivory Boucle, and it is divine. The quality and feel of the fabric are wonderful and it fits perfectly in our rustic yet modern looking home.

Sophie - Millo Solo Deluxe

As a 6"5 guy, it has more than enough room to fit me and my wife. It is great to just flop into and relax on.

Matt - Millo Duo

Soo comfy! Soo good.

Ken - Millo Duo

Conscious Comfort

We believe in lovable, changeable, adaptable lounging that moves with your life and fits in with your style of relaxation. Not only are our foam filled loungers the ultimate in comfort, but they’re also ethically made right here in New Zealand. 

Millo has been created by Kiwis, for Kiwis, and reflects the environmental ethos and values we all share. Our luxury foam loungers are the rimu in a sea of flatpack, with circular sustainability built into our manufacturing.

Millo, Lovable Luxury

A consciously comfortable designer collection of foam-filled loungers.

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Therapeutic Benefits of a Millo: Comfort and Sensory Support.

Therapeutic Benefits of a Millo: Comfort and Sensory Support.

Millo’s have become a popular choice in neurodivergent education and therapy, particularly for individuals with autism, due to several key reasons:Sensory Benefits: The Millo provide’s a tactile experience through their soft and malleable texture, which can help individuals regulate their sensory input.Safety: Unlike traditional chairs or furniture with hard surfaces, Millo’s are soft and cushioned, reducing the risk of injury, especially during moments of agitation or self-stimulatory behavior...

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Autism Acceptance Month Guest Blog: Amy Reis-Williams, Mindful Well.

Autism Acceptance Month Guest Blog: Amy Reis-Williams, Mindful Well.

Embracing Calm: Millo's Innovative Solution for Children with Sensory Needs. Children and adolescents, particularly those with a wide spectrum of sensory needs and neurodiversities require a specific kind of environment in which they can feel calm and secure. They need a place that can effectively help them relax their nervous system. This is where Millo comes into the picture. Millo is a perfect solution for this need, acting...

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Millo: Your Ultimate Comfort Solution for Anxiety, Stress, and Autism

Millo: Your Ultimate Comfort Solution for Anxiety, Stress, and Autism

Discover a new level of comfort and therapeutic support with Millo, our premium New Zealand made furniture collection. Engineered with high-density foam filling, Millo transcends traditional seating, offering a sensory haven for individuals navigating anxiety, stress, and autism. Unlock the transformative benefits of Millo's foam-filled therapy, designed to deliver deep pressure kinesthesia input. This unique sensory experience calms the nervous system, providing a sanctuary of...

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