How to set up your Millo

Your Millo comes compressed in a box, but is easy to set up. Scan the QR code on the box to be taken directly to the assembly video.

Choose a suitable location for your Millo.

Remove your Millo from it’s box

Carefully rip open the calico bag - don’t cut the bag as you may cut through the cover also.

Pull your Millo out and give it a gentle shake to help the filling settle. We recommend massaging the foam clusters to break them up into smaller pieces.

Allow 24 hours for the foam to fully expand before placing the cover on.

Unzip your Millo cover and place over the top of your Millo inner. Gently pull the cover down, encasing your Millo inner.

Melt into your Millo.

Watch: How to set up your Millo Solo

Watch: How to set up your Millo Duo