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Create Cosy Spaces with Luxe Foam Loungers

Create Cosy Spaces with Luxe Foam Loungers

Step into the world of Millo, where living spaces get redefined. Here, luxurious lounging meets modern design, turning everyday moments into bite-sized bliss. 

Make Memories with Millo

Forget the ordinary and welcome in the outstanding with the Millo range of foam-filled loungers. Spread out or cuddle up - the choice is yours with our great range of sizes to suit any home.  

Each Millo luxury lounger is crafted from premium fabric for quality that looks as good as it feels. Dive deeper, and you'll find that our commitment to sustainability is interwoven into everything we do. Our lounger cushions are filled with offcuts from the mattress production process, ensuring that comfort and environmental consideration go hand in hand. 

With Millo, you're not just buying a luxury lounger; you're embracing a brand that stands for style, comfort, and conscious living.

Choosing the Perfect Millo For Your Space

From expansive open-plan spaces to cosy nooks, a Millo foam filled lounger is the ideal choice. Whether it's the aesthetic appeal of the Millo Solo or the perfect-for-two Millo Duo, each design comes in a range of options to complement your space. With a colour palette that reflects the New Zealand landscape, there really is something to suit every decor. 

Our covers are also machine-washable, ensuring that maintenance is a breeze. Every Millo blends form, function, and finesse, modernising your space while creating a perfect place to relax and recharge after a long day.

Arranging Millo Loungers for Cosyness

An understated statement piece, your Millo indoor lounger is equally at home taking centre stage or a supporting role. Strategically position yours to maximise comfort and style. 

Find a quiet corner that catches the golden rays of the setting sun, or place a few in the heart of your living room to draw the whole family together. A low-lying table for that glass of vino is a must - once you sit down, you’ll never want to leave. Consider pairing your Solo or Duo with a Millo Pebble footstool to create a ready-made relaxation station no one can resist. 

Adding Personal Touches

Your space is a reflection of your personality - make sure it shines with Millo. Anyone can have a house, but only you can create a home that is truly your own. 

Customise your Millo with a personal touch, using elements that amplify your style. From seasonal throws to a medley of Millo pillows in varied colourways, your own additions are the ideal finishing touch. 

Shop the range and start curating your dream home today.