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What size Millo is best for you?

What size Millo is best for you?

There are three Millo sizes in our range; Millo Duo, Millo Solo and Millo Pebble, plus the Millo Footstool which is perfect for putting your feet up.

If you need help knowing which one to pick for your place, we'll break down each Millo below.

Millo Duo

Our largest lounger can comfortably fit two adults or offers space for single sprawling.


Millo Solo

Perfect for solitary snuggling to watch tv, read a book or just relax.

Millo Pebble

The smallest size in the Millo range, perfect for your little ones bedrooms or playrooms. The Millo Pebble can also double as an ottoman in your lounge or living spaces.

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