Millo Duo Outdoor Cover - Cove Collection

$268.00 $268.00

The Millo Duo Cover is the perfect way to let Millo move with you. This lovable, changeable lounger is made to shift with your design and decor taste. Simply switch out the cover on your Millo for a refreshed look or seasonal shift.

Combined with the Millo inner, this modern-day lounger moulds to the shape of your body and provides relaxing comfort for adaptable lounging that moves with your life and fits in with your style of relaxation. Made for people who love that unique ‘sinking in’ feeling...That comfortable foamy cuddle that melts you away into relax mode.

The premium commercial grade water resistant fabric makes it hardwearing, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Cove is available in 4 colourways - Marine Blue, Shadow Grey, Taupe & Black.

 Made in New Zealand

Contents: Outer Cover: 100% Polyester


Lovable, changeable covers, made to move with you

Millo covers are available in a range of colours and fabrics, perfect for swapping out seasonally, or as your design and decor taste changes. Explore the Millo Colour Library below.

Millo Colour Library

Mattress offcuts made into a Millo

At the heart of Millo - is heart. Living Furniture that is for 'Lovable Living and Lovable Lounging.’ Loving the moment, loving the way it feels, loving this new found friend that becomes a beloved part of the family.

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Millo FAQs

Foam filled lounger questions answered, the most frequently asked questions about Millo.