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Why Foam?

Why Foam?

Millo are all about more foam filled fun for more foam filled relaxation! We often get asked why we use foam instead of traditional beans in our loungers, here's a few reasons why:

Comfortable and supportive
Sink into our foam-filled loungers and feel the support as the contouring foam gently molds to your body shape, providing a luxuriously comfortable experience.

Durability and longevity
Our foam-filled loungers are crafted with high-quality foam and durable, washable covers, ensuring long-lasting comfort and style in your home.

Eco-friendly and sustainable
We pride ourselves on using high-quality, sustainable materials that are environmentally friendly, ensuring that our loungers are both luxurious and guilt-free. Our foam will be recycled into carpet underlay at the end of its's a little something we like to call conscious comfort.

Suitable for the whole family
Our loungers provide stable and supportive seating for the whole family, so everyone can enjoy the luxurious comfort of Millo.

Easy to clean
The removable, washable covers on our loungers make cleaning and maintenance a breeze, adding to their overall convenience and ease of use.